Wage & Hour Violations
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Wage Violations

What is California’s minimum wage law in 2022?

How do I collect unpaid wages in California?

All cases have a “statute of limitations” which means that the case must be brought before a court or arbitrator, depending on the circumstances, before a certain time. If you fail to bring your case before a court or arbitrator the claim could be time barred, which means that the claim is essentially lost and cannot be brought. In other words, employment claims “expire” if not brought before a certain time.

Though you can file a wage claim on your own with the Labor Commissioner’s Office, the process can be complicated and time-consuming to navigate. As a result, most workers find it easier to settle claims in court with the help of an experienced wage and hour attorney.

Can an employer fire me for reporting a wage & hour violation?

What is a meal break violation at work?

What is a break violation in California?

What are the penalties for meal and rest break violations in California?

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